2011 Crops in Pots

I saw a beautiful book called Crops in Pots, which has inspired me to pot up some edible plants in attractive ways.

Easter Island Head


Largest Square Planter

Dwarf Tomato in the middle, Lettuce and Lobelia around the edges, maybe with Dill or other feathery leaves between.

Smaller Square Planter

Already contains my fig. Maybe add something around the base, such as Linaria.

Half Barrel (2)

Dwarf Tomato and "One Ball" Courgette.

"Defender" Courgette and ???

Fake Half Barrels (2)

Borage in the center, and Alpine Strawberries around the edge.


Hanging Basket (?)

Trailing Tomatoes x2

Alpine Strawberry x2

Cheap Terracotta Pot



Peas and Sweet Peas.

Medium Black Round (from Wilkinson's) (2)

Aubergine and Lobelia

Aubergine and French Marigolds.

Strawberry Planters

Alpine Strawberry, Physalis (in the top)

Strawberry, Borage (in the top)