The First of Many

The first Pelargonium that I bought my Mum was unlabelled, but we think it is Royal Aztec.

Royal Aztec

garden/Pelargonium RoyalAztec.jpg{teaser.png}

The Next Batch

I bought four varieties from One variety, Gwendolin, hardly ever flowered.


garden/Pelargonium Ashby.jpg{teaser.png}


garden/Pelargonium Copthorne.jpg{teaser.png}


garden/Pelargonium Gwendolin.jpg{teaser.png}

Purple Unique

garden/Pelargonium PurpleUnique.jpg{teaser.png}

A Year Later

Then the next year, she bought herself White Splash, and Royal Blue Moon while Nalin was buying blueberry plants for his mum.

Flower Fairy White Splash

garden/Pelargonium WhiteSplash.jpg{teaser.png}

Royal Blue Moon

garden/Pelargonium RoyalBlueMoon.jpg{teaser.png}

She also has Regalia Orange Bicolor (which isn't even close to orange!).

Regalia Orange Bicolor

garden/Pelargonium OrangeBicolor.jpg{teaser.png}


There's an excellent website for Pelargonium lovers.