What is Itchy?

Itchy is a Game Engine, which lets you create 2D games quickly. It tries to make things as easy as possible without compromising on features or speed.

Is it fast?

On my 2nd hand laptop (Intel Core2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz, On-board GM45 graphics and 2GB of memory), it runs perfectly well. In tests with over 500 game objects bouncing around the screen each performing pixel level collision detection with each other, it maintains 60 frames per second.

Where can I get Itchy?

The source code is available on Git Hub, ready-to-go binaries are on the Download Page.

What language is it written in?

Its written in Java, with a tiny piece of C code. The games themselves can be written in Java or in Javascript.

What devices does it run on?

It runs on Windows and Linux machines. It should also run fine on a Mac, but I've never compiled the tiny piece of C code for Macs. If somebody would like to give me an old Mac computer, I'll compile it for you!

Currently it doesn't run on Android devices, though one day I hope it will. It doesn't run on iPads/iPhones, and probably never will.

Can I run it in a web browser?

No. The games can be written in Javascript, but Javascript is just a scripting language, and in this instance, is not related to web browsers in any way.

Is there a "Hello World" example code?

Err, yes. But a "Hello World" game doesn't need any lines of code! It does require some fiddling inside the Editor. But don't panic, there is a "Hello World" game, which prints "Hello World" in large friendly letters in the middle of the screen. You can run it from the Launcher. See My First Game, for instructions on how to write your own "Hello World" program.

How do I start writing a game?

See My First Game.