Bluetooth Audio and Charging Station

I use my Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet as a radio, to listen to BBC radio 6. I'd like to stream the music to a normal hi-fi (in the living room or bedroom). So I bought a cheap bluetooth device, which plugs into the "Aux In" on the hi-fi. Its powered by any USB power supply (the kind you get with all modern phones, apart from Apple's non-standard devices - blah!).

Being lazy, I don't want to fumble behind the stereo to turn it on/off, I don't want it permanently on, and it would look horrible if it were on show. I also want a charging station for my phone and tablet, so I thought I'd roll these two requirements into one device.

The case is made from a single piece of hardwood, hollowed out from the bottom. This wood has been hanging around my house before I moved in - apparently it was reclaimed by my Dad from the dump.

Inside, it has the wall-wart which transforms mains volotage to 5V, the bluetooth audio dongle and very simple circuit board. On the back are two USB charging ports, an on/off switch, and the audio jack from the bluetootch dongle. On the front is a pin prick hole through which you can see the light from the power LED. Its very subtle, when the device is off, you wouldn't notice the hole if you didn't know it was there. Initially, the LED was too bright when viewed head on, and slightly too dim from an angle. However, while finishing the wood, excess wax filled the hole, diffusing the light, giving a much more pleasing, more even effect from all angles. I get a kick out of happy accidendents like this!

Bluetooth Audio and Charging Station 1.jpg

Bluetooth Audio and Charging Station 2.jpg

Bluetooth Audio and Charging Station 3.jpg

The bluetooth dongle's plastic case has been removed, leaving just a bare circuit board, with its audio jack pointing out the back of the case. Power is supplied to it by soldering wires directly onto its USB connection. So it would be a little tricky to return it to its previous form factor.

The wall wart can easily be taken out, and used as originally intended, as it is completely untouched.