Duracell Batteries

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Rechargable batteries
last twice as long as
duracell, without
being recharged!

Duracell Batteries last twice as long as old fashioned zinc carbon batteries, and half as long as a good battery.

Duracell were successful by making long lasting, expensive, disposable batteries. They marketed their products very well, and now everybody knows that they last longer than "ordinary zinc carbon" batteries. The problem is, that they are still successful, and still use the same marketing. However, zinc carbon batteries are so last century - would you buy a car because it was "twice as fast as an ordinary horse"? No, because cars should go 10 times faster than horses.

There is a cheap modern battery that lasts over twice as long as a Duracell battery. Even better yet, they are rechargeable, so in their lifetime, they may last serveral hundred times longer! They are called NiMH - Nickel Metal Hydride.

If you have used rechargeable batteries in the past, and didn't like them, I don't blame you. Old rechargeables (NiCd) were pretty poor. Modern rechargeables (NiMH) are fantastic. They hold more than twice the charge of a Duracell battery, so your walking bunny rabbit will walk twice as far, before it needs recharging. Modern NiMH batteries don't have the "memory affect" that the old rechargeables suffered from (this means you can top up the charge when you want without damaging the battery).

If you think that the battery charger is expensive, think again. It only takes a few recharges before the price of a rechargeable battery is less than Duracells (or any other disposable battery).

In the spirit of fairness, here's the downsides to NiMH batteries. If you charge a NiMH and don't use it for a while, it will gradually lose its charge - you will have to recharge it before it gets back to full capacity

In summary, NiMH batteries, are cheaper, work longer, can be reused, and the only reason Duracells do so well is because we all fall for the marketing - are you still a sheep? Baaaah.

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