Evil Sony

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Warning : Sony Music may harm your PC.

{{image(page="Evil Sony.jpg" float="left")}} Sony have been taken to court because they placed malicious software onto music cds, which harms your PC, and makes it more suseptable to viruses and other malware.

For who want to listen to music owned by the Sony label, it is unsafe to use an original CD. Downloaded mp3s from the internet, or ripped copies from a friend are the only really safe alternatives, but are of course illegal.

Ironically, they did this in a really dumb arse attempt to stop people copying thier music. Eh? Don't sony sell computers, and mp3 players - to use these sony devices to play music, you need to be able to rip the music from cds (or perhaps they think its reasonable to expect people to pay for a song for each device they want to play it on).

Here's just one exmaple of why it is much safer to download pirated music, than buy dangerous originals from sony.

Update - Sony DVDs don't work either.

I've just leant that sony are also screwing up their DVDs. This time they aren't using malicious code, instead they are adding bad sectors to the dvd, so that they won't play in computers. Learn more....


In summary if you use a computer, don't buy Sony DVDs or CDs.