Fair Use Rights

This is an American legal term, but similar notions are used throughtout the democratic world. Big business (primarily the film and music industries) have successfully pressured government, who are now removing our rights.

Our rights are being removed through the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM prevents the consumer from using music and film as they wish. "Fair Use" states that you should be able to move "formats". Here are some examples :

  • If you buy a book, you have the right to photocopy, and enlarge it (useful if you are partially sighted).
  • If you buy an album, you have the right to transfer it to tape (so you can play in in a car).
  • Bought a bunch of DVDs? Then you have the right to move them onto your laptop (so you can watch them on the go).

Pre-recorded videos have had copy protection to prevent copying, but things are getting worse. DVD's have copy protection, but now it is illegal to attempt to copy one. That's not right, its not fair!