Global Warming

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Effect of global warming - melting
the three main ice sheets,
raising water levels by 84 metres


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Parents, do you care about the lives of your children and your grandchildren? Yes of course you do, I'm now going to shock you, into doing 'the right thing'.

Global warming is real, but do you care? You should do, its the lives of your children and your grandchildren that you are damaging.

Everyone can do the little things, such as use energy efficient light bulbs, but here's a few things that so many people are doing to ruin the planet for their children.

Do you travel by plane more than once a year?

Planes spew out a very large proportion of your greenhouse gas emissions. Anybody that has more than one return trip per year will be ruining the planet. There's no getting round it, travel twice and you are condemning your children to a damaged life.

Do you wear jumpers in the winter?

Ok, I know you wear jumpers outside in the winter, but what about indoors? If you have the central heating on, but don't have a jumper on, you are screwing the planet. Why not wear a jumper? Is wearing just a shirt more important than protecting the planet?

Do you buy new stuff, for no good reason?

Greenhouse gases aren't only created though heating and travel, they are also used by industry of course. So every time you buy something, you are adding to the greenhouse gases. So if you replace your furniture, to keep up with the latest fashions, realise that UK Living has brainwashed you into thinking that your lifestyle is more than your children's lives.


Knowing what is excessive and what is acceptable is tricky. For example, lets look at food miles. If your food is produced locally, then there are few emissions due to transportation. However, rearing livestock in Britain is very CO2 intensive. The upshot, eating local beef is probably worse than eating imported bananas. While we are on the subject of livestock, cattle belch and fart methane, which is also a greenhouse gas. A cow doesn't emit as much methane as a car emits carbon dioxide, but methane is 10 times more damaging than carbon dioxide. If you have a choice between eating cow, or kangaroo, eat the kangaroo, they aren't nearly as gassy!

Yes its Real

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