Language determines the way we think

Matt has bought his first house.

I haven't seen it yet, but I know it has direct access to the back garden. Nice

I was told it was a semi, and then corrected that it was end terrace. I find it interesting that there's a distinction to be made.

Some people care if they have direct access to their garden. A semi is just as good as an end terrace. There's really no reason to use different phrases. Let's make up a name : Alley house (a house with a side alley giving direct access to the back garden).

Other people care what other people think. Semi = good. Terrace = bad. But we give half a point extra for an end terrace, so we need three phrases. Semi = 1 point, end terrace = half point, mid terrace = 0 points.

Language determines the way we think. Matt has an Alley House, nice. I'd prefer an alley house too, but I live in a double joined house. On the plus side, it is really cheap the heat, because my neighbours heat their houses much more than me ;-)

For those who say he lives in an end-terrace. Sod you and your status driven view of the world!

IMHO, the world would be better if we used phrase like Alley House. (function over status).

Ironically, in London, some of the most expensive houses are terraced. Boris Johnson lives in a (mid) terrace. No driveway for a car, and he has to carry his push bike through the house. What a Loser! ;-) There's not even any off street parking or front garden. Perhaps he should buy half of the queen's gaff and turn buck-palace it into a semi detached.