Overheating and Global Warming

I've been doing some gardening for a friend, and each day, I take the train home. When the weather was warm, the train journey home was very pleasant. However, as soon as the evenings started to get chilly, the trains put the heating on, and now the trains are too hot. I was only wearing two thin layers, a T-shirt and a long sleaved shirt, and I was still overheating.

When the weather is cold, people should be wearing jumpers and jackets, so there isn't much need for heating on trains. During rush hour, the shear numbers of warm blooded mammals on board heat the carriage sufficiently (assuming people keep their coats on).

Next time you are on a hot train, check to see how many windows are open. I'm tempted to open the windows, because the trains are too hot. However, this might not do much good, it might just cause the heaters to fire up permanently. Its the thermostat that needs changing. Perhaps a better solution is to bung up the heater's vent with the clothes that I've had to shed, with any luck it might break the damn heater, saving me from the heat, the planet from global warming and the train company from high energy costs.

I might carry a thermometer with me to measure how crazily hot the trains are. They are much hotter than my house, that's for sure, and I don't tend to be wearing outdoor clothes in my house.

CAVEAT: My heating never gets turned on until after I feel the need to put on a jumper, that means that my heating isn't on yet.