Postage and Packing

Ebay and amazon are incredibly annoying to use when it comes to postage and packing. Every customer should only care about the total price they pay, but both amazon and ebay make this value less obvious than the price before shipping. This is especially stupid on ebay, where I've seen a £1 item with £40 shipping.

Other on-line sites have problems too - complex, and maybe stupid, postage costs. On a few occasions, I've been just about to pay for something when it says "Spend just £1, and get free shipping". On most occasions, the net result is I don't buy their item. Why? Various reasons :

  1. Looking for the additional items distracts me, and I just don't go back to the check-out
  2. I look for another item that I want to buy, but the combination of the two items is cheaper from a different seller.
  3. While looking for the additional item, I change my mind, and buy something else - from the lowest seller, which is often somebody else.

Yes, I realise that different people shop differently, but if there were a shop that offered cheap prices, and no hidden costs, that would be my first point of call.