Red Eye Reduction using the GIMP

To get two views - one zoomed in and the other full face

  1. View -> New View
  2. On the full face window :
  3. View -> Show Selection (untick it so that the marching ants will only apear

Select the eye you want to work on

  1. Use the Lassoo tool to select around the eye.

Colour the eye

  1. Pick the colour of the person's eye (blue for me;-)
  2. Select the paintbrush tool.
  3. Change the mode to "colour".
  4. Change the Opacity down to about 50%
  5. Use a fuzzy brush - of an appropriate size.
  6. Paint, by click and drag.

Make the eye black and white instead of red

  1. Do upto, and including the lassoo to select the eye.
  2. Select the paint tool
  3. This time use mode "saturate"
  4. Pick color black (not saturated at all)
  5. You can set the Opacity if you want, perhaps 50% again.
  6. Paint - this time all of the red is drained from the area you paint.