A modern take on a retro game.

Thrust was a class game for the BBC Micro. As a child, I spent way too long dragging a ball through virtual corridors. At least I can reverse a caravan with ease now :-)

I've been working on a modern reworking of that classic game. Its written in Python using a game framework called Itch that I'm working on along side thrust.

Thrust menu.png

The front screen featuring water droplets, which splash as they hit the bottom of the screen. They were only put on the front screen to test them, but they looked good, so they got to stay there!

Thrust screenshot1.png

The gate has just been activated (the words "Gate On-line" appears, as well as the energy blast special effect).

The ship is about to fall into the gate, which completes the level.

Thrust screenshot2.png

Ooops, smashed into the ceiling - the ship explodes.

Thrust screenshot3.png

Shooting at the missile launcher. The numbers indicate the number of shots needed to blow the damn thing up!