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To Do Lists

I've been coding solo for quite a while now, so I've not been using a issues tracker database, and instead I've been using a simple text file.

But even if I were to use an issues tracker, I would still use a to-do text file.

Each time I implement a new feature, or fix a bug, I write the task at the top of the file. If it is complex, I break it down into smaller parts, and write a line for each sub-task.

Mid way through coding, it is common to realise that there's an unexpected side task. I write it in the to-do list, and now my mind can happily forget about it, and get back to the work at hand.

I'm surprised how useful this is.

There is a down-side. My to-do lists almost always grow, and rarely shrink! Today, one of my project's to-do lists became empty, and that was quite shocking. It's never happened before!