Word Blitz

I created this web version after playing the game in a pub.


The game needs to use a dictionary of words, it has more than 100,00 words in it, but it takes quite a while to download (over 1 minutes for me). I'm working on making it faster! The dictionary is by no means complete, so don't get too annoyed when it doesn't accept your word, feel smug that you have an advanced vocabulary instead :-)

This is an alpha release (meaning it hasn't been tested), so if you find a bug, please let me know, and I'll fix it. Thanks.

I've only tested the game using Firefox and Galeon web browsers, tell me if it works/fails with another browser. Thanks.


  • Sometimes the tiles don't move across properly
  • Peoples names are in the dictionary (Joe and Fred at least!)
  • Game can end part way through tiles dropping leaving some grey and some white still
  • At game end the countdown to zero is sometimes displayed with the third 0 as a text character, rather than a tiled image.
  • I have never had the letter Z in any game. Perhaps that is why I can't get higher scores.

High Scores

The game doesn't have an in-built high score table yet, so be honest, and you can add your high score to the list below! (click the edit button at the top right of this page).

Score Name Date
2215 Nick Robinson 16-Sep-2006
2030 Lilian Robinson 17-Sept-2006
1935 Nick Robinson 16-Sep-2006
1865 Lilian Robinson 10- Aug-2006
1805 Lilian Robinson 12-Sept-2006
1680 Lilian Robinson 09-Aug-2006
1660 Nick Robinson 07-Apr-2006
1505 Lilian 14 April 2006
1490 lilian robinson 13 April 2006
1185 lilian robinson 11 Apr-2006
1180 Lilian Robinson 08-Apr-2006

Hint ; The easiest way to add a new line to the table, is to copy and paste an existing line, and then change the data.