Chickpea and Peppercorn Bread

Page 404 in the Bread and Bread Machine Bible

I like to call this "Landmine Loaf", as the peppercorns give an explosion of taste every now and then.



Add the ingredients to the bread machine in the order listed.

Start the machine on normal/basic setting.

Optionally brush the top of the loaf just before the bread starts to bake.


The original recipe calls for 7g of green peppercorns and 7g of pink peppercorns. I only had black, and due to a mix up, I only added 7g in total, but this seemed plenty.

I assume the peppercorns should be soaked for quite some time to soften them. After a couple of hours of soaking, the were still quite hard :-(

I missed out the Milk Powder, but it tasted fine none the less. Maybe I'll replace some of the water with milk next time.