Family Album

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What Is It?

Family Album is a new kind of on-line photo album. Normal sites organise photos into albums - I wanted something a little different. I wanted to focus on people, not on albums. For example, have a look at my page.

Hint : Wherever you see a person's face, you can click it - so you can navigate though my family tree from my page.

Internet Explorer Users - IMPORTANT !

If you are one of the poor unfortunate Internet Explorer users, then the application will not look as good as it should, because it depends heavily on Transparent Images, which Internet Explorer can't draw correctly. See what the application should look like, and then upgrade your browser to FireFox.

How You Can Help

The Family Album can be edited by anybody, so if you see a photograph without a date, you can fix it. If one of your family is missing, you can add them. If you want to add you own photos, great, the more the better!

I've just started writing some help text, so feel free to play around, and if there's something you can't do, Contact me - the software isn't perfect yet, but with your help it will get better.

Please don't think of it as my family album, the software was written by me, but the pictures and the data belong to everybody (or nobody).

I backup the data once a day, so even if a vandal messes things up, then at most, only one days worth of new information will be lost.

If you find a problem/bug or you have a suggestion about how to make the Family Album better, then drop me a line.

You've Read the Waffle... have a look at the photos

Version History

Next Release ( not available yet )

  • Allow more than one family album, so that my friends can add their families too.

  • Added many "edit" links to make editing the family album easier.

  • Added more tips, and made the tips clever (so they only appear when appropriate).

  • Improved the Halo generator - no more black background if the circle goes outside of the photo. Also, the edges are blurred

  • Split the subjects into three cateogries. Family Members, Friends and Pets. Hopefully this will make looking for people


  • Improved the look of many pages - especially the forms, which don't use grey backgrounds any more.

  • Made the "Edit Relationships" page more clever (so hopefully easier to use). It now only shows the relationship types relevant to the sex of the person (mother daughter etc are excluded for men).

  • Lots of minor bug fixes as usual!

0.2.3 ( 30-May-2006 )

  • Made editing the family album easier, by having a single Edit page, which is accessible from every page, but changes depending on what type of page you came from.
  • A couple of minor bug fixes

0.2.2 ( 28-Feb-2006 )

  • Improved the navigation - for example, clicking on a halo image now shows you that person's page, with

that particular image in the middle (rather than that person's default image). (using a custom jsp tag)

  • Dates are consistantly added underneath photos (using a custom jsp tag).
  • Nalin told me to change the colors on the Person (halo) page - looks better now. Thanks Nalin.

0.2.1 ( 22-Feb-2006 )

  • Fixed bug where the default halo image was not being set & unset when adding and deleting subjectsInPhotos.
  • Dates below each of the thumbnails
  • When editing photos, the circles are not visible until the page has loaded.
  • Photos can now have notes attached to them.
  • Halo images can be tagged as "not good" so that they don't appear on the halo page.

0.2 ( 15-Feb-2006 )

  • Added page links to the Person page
  • Layed out halos from the server, rather than the client.
  • Can add people to photos using the "quick" size photo - needed to hold image sizes on the DB.
  • Can click on faces when viewing photographs.
  • Added browser warning to Person page, for browsers that can't handle transparent pngs.
  • Used gifs instaead of pngs when adding people to photos (yuck!)
  • Can now edit the date of the photos - halos are ordered by date.
  • There is a narrow version of the Person page, for screens < 900 pixels wide.
  • Improved links between pages.

0.1 ( 09-Feb-2006 )

The first version available to the public. Fully working, but very little testing. No validation on the edit pages.

Planned for the the future

  • Allow ownership of family albums, i.e. allow only authorized people to edit family albums.
  • Maybe : A wizard to start a family album, create an album, upload photo, create new people and relationships, and add them to the photos. The wizard is embedded in every page (via the layout page), and keeps a list of things to do.
  • Allow links by name (can be linked from the wiki)