Poison Apple

Don't put iPoo in your ears.

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Apple is renound for creating highly attractive, and easy to use computers and music players. I too was lured by their stylish good looks, but fortunately I saw the light in time.

Got mp3s on your computer? Then don't get an iPoo - it can't play them. Apple want to force you to use their music format.

If that wasn't bad enough, it gets worse. When you buy music from Apple's on-line music store, they only supply it in a format playable by iPoos. They include DRM (Digital Rights Management), which should more honestly be called Digital Rights Removed, because this DRM prevents you from copying the music and using it on other music players. So even after buying the music, you still can't play in on your mp3 player.

DRM takes away your Fair Use Rights, so I recommend that you shun all forms of DRM. As they have taken awway your Fair Use Rights, I think it is reasonable that you ignore their rights too.

One last thought before you waste your money at iTunes : how will you feel in 5 / 10 years time, your iPoo had broken, and you buy a new player - doh! you have to rebuy all the music again (because it won't work in your new player). This is what DRM is for - getting you to rent music instead of owning it.

Lets hope that governments start fighting for people's rights rather than caving into pressure from big businesses. I wish France success in passing a law to begin correcting the imbalance.