2021 Notes

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Got off to an early start this year. I printed 3 lovely new boxes to hold my seeds collection. Emailed Mum, Steve and Katy to get them in the gardening mood early too. Steve said he would try something new this year, and said he'd take the challenge of a Squash/Pumpkin growing up his garage wall onto the roof.



Sowed Chilli (De Cayenne, Patio Sizzler) Lobelia (Monsoon, Sapphire Pendula, String of Pearls), Antirhynum (Purple, Maximum Mixed), Coleus (Rainbox Mix), Dianthus (Chinensis Double Mix)

Directly Outside : Rocket, Rashish (Early Scarlet - out of date)

Last Week

First lawn mowing of the year. Previously added weed and feed (despite the instructions warning against using it in frosts).

Shredded cuttings, filling the remainder of the 2nd compost heap. So brought the beehive into action. Its contents were dumped onto the first veg patch and rhubarb patch.

Lots of newts in the pond. No toads yet (but did see one in the garden).



Tried out layering a Hydrangea using my newly 3D printed contraption, which attaches to a stem.

Sowed Beetroot (Cylindra, Detroit2, Multicolor Mix) (unheated)

Sowed Rudbeckia (Gloriosa), Aster (Pinocchio Mix, ?), Zinnia (Old Mexico) (heated)


Used another layering gizmo, this time on my fig tree, which should layer quickly.


Sowed Dahlia (Cactus Mix and Mignon) (heated)


Sowed Basil, Thyme, Coriander, Parsley, Tomato, Fennel (unheated)


Turned the compost heap nearest to the shed. Largely uncomposted.


Sowed Swiss Chard.

Took cuttings of my fig tree. One pot with 8 or more cuttings.


Sowed Petunias. Planted Dahlia tubers in pots indoors. Pricked out Dahlia seedlings into 30 individual pots (as I needed the half-tray for the Petunias).

Signs of life on the blueberry cuttings - leaves, no signs of roots yet. Still heated.


Happy Birthday Fiona.

Sowed one of every variety of pumpkin, squash, cucumber, courgette and marrow.


Mother's Day.

Gave Mum Gooseberry standards (and primroses, compost).


Dug up four gooseberry bushed that had self-layered.


Sowed Leo Peas, Spring Onion, Salad Mix (unheated in seed trays)

Sowed Gazenia (heated), French Marigolds (unheated)


Indoor dahlia tubers are now showing signs of life.

Printed lots of simple small square pots for seedlings. The first batch was PLA, but then I switched to PETG.


Pricked out some of the densely sown lobelias into a full tray. They were too small, but also overcrowded.

Pricked out Tomatoes, Fennel into newly printed small square pots.

Moved the cold frame to the patio, as I'm running out of space indoors.

Hyacinths are now fully in bloom - very fragrant.


Bodged the doors on the garden cupboard to stop them bending.


A glorious day. Hot enough that I should probably get the sun cream out.

Toads a plenty. At least 7 pairs, and at least 4 extra males.

Pricked out Antirhynum (purple), Dianthus.



Turned on my new LED lights above four of the shelves. It appears to give significantly more light than from the sun alone. Not finished yet, as the junction boxes don't have the screws for the cable clamps. Should I buy two more - I could use 2 more.

To Do

Shall I sow any of the following :