2022 Notes

Notes from Last Year

My Delphiniums were tiny by the time I planted them. Alas, I cannot see when I sowed them (bad diary keeping). Make sure to do them early next year (from fresh seeds).

Note that Zinnia cannot be transplanted! But putting the entire half-tray into a pot worked well. Maybe do the same again, but use a full-tray but shortened???

The Fennel didn't come to much! No bulbs at all?

Zephyr summer Squash were excellent. Better than Crookneck.

I will have lots more space in 2022, assuming I finish tidying up the garden.

Blueberries didn't take. Make a proper enclosure? Transparent PETG top, who's very top comes off to allow for regular spraying. Whole thing transparent, so you might see roots?

Nalin really liked the De Cayenne Chilli Peppers.