For growing under glass :

For growing outside :

Sow Indoors Plant Out Harvest
Height: 50-80cm Position: Full Sun. Spacing: 45-90cm.

Type : Vegetable

Indoor Sowing

Sow in a pot and cover with a fine layer of vermiculite or compost. Place in a propagator.

Most seeds will germinate (1-2 weeks), therefore only sow a few more seeds than the number of plants needed.

Once seedlings appear, remove from the propagator, and keep in good light.

Don't let the copmost dry out.

Prick Out into 8cm pots when about 2cm tall.

Growing On

Move to 25cm pots for growing under glass, or Harden Off, and plant out in a cold frame.

When they have reached 20cm, cut of the main growing tip to encourage strong side shoots.

Apply tomato feed weekly once flowers appear.

Gently tap the flowers to release the pollen, and spray with water to encourage fruit to set.


Harvest while the fruit is still shiney. Dull fruits have passed their best (a sign that seeds have started to form).

Remove blooms late in the season so energy is directly to existing fruit.