Indoor Sowing

Sow with warmth provided from early spring under cover or in an unheated greenhouse from May onwards for outdoor displays. Can be sown inside for the window sill at any time.

Can be sown direct to plugs or an inch apart for later transplanting.

The seeds should be only lightly pressed into the growing medium as they need light to germinate. Please note the seed is tiny / extremely fine.

Germination in the correct conditions takes 7-10 days.

For seeds started in trays transplant when the first 2 sets of true leaves have formed, about 10 weeks after sowing.

Grows best in part to full shade in moist well drained soil with organic matter added.


The plants may develop flowers which are best removed immediately to concentrate the plants energy on the foliage.

Some varieties require Pinching Out to ensure a generous bushy plant.



A stunning foliage display plant, this compact coleus variety delivers bushy plants full of vibrant color reaching 8-10in in height and spread. The mix consists of 12 wizard varieties from scarlet-veined, bronze-edged chartreuse Pineapple to brilliant apricot Sunset to red-veined maroon Velvet, each very distinctive. The variety does not need pinching , but will grow naturally into close-to-the-ground, beautiful little plants just waiting to show off in a shady position, equally happy planted indoor and outdoor in containers.

Rainbow Mix

Bought from premier_seeds_direct.