Sow indoors Plant Out Harvest
Height: 30cm. Position: Full Sun. Spacing: 90cm

Type : Vegetable

Indoor Sowing

Place a seed edgeways into a post of moist compost in a propagator, at about 15-20°C.

In late May or June, once the risk of frost has passed, Harden Off and then plant out in full sun.


Water well.

Once they start to fruit, apply tomato feed every 14 days.

Continually harvest the fruit to encourage more fruit to grow. Don't worry if the first flowers drop off without producing any fruit.

There are two types of flower, the male and the female. The female flower has a bulge at base where the fruit will develop. It is common for the first set of flowers to be all male. Be patient!


Black Beauty


Eight Ball

Round dark green fruit. Harvest when they become the size of large pool balls.

One Ball F1

The same as Eight Ball, but yellow.

Italian Striped