Sow Indoors Plant Out Flowers
Height: 30-60cm. Position: Full Sun. Spacing: 15-30cm.

Type : Flower

A group of flowers including Pinks, Carnations and Sweet William.

Outdoor Sowing

Sow direct in summer for flowering the following year.

Sow Carnations 0.5cm deep, 25-30cm apart for a dense, lush display. Pinks are smaller, and can be 15-30cm apart.

Germination in 2-3 weeks.

Indoor Sowing

Sow indoors for blooms the same year. Sow seeds 6-8 weeks before the last frost. Germination in 2-3 weeks.


Propogate via Division, which can also stimulate older plants.

For Perennials, take cuttings from the terminal growth about 10-15cm long, removing at least two of three of the lower leaves. Place the cuttings into sand for 3-4 weeks.


Do not over water, dianthus prefer dry conitions. Only water during prolonged dry periods.

Pinch out the growing tips for bushy plants, or for a single large flower, pinch out side buds, leaving just the single, main bud.

Deadhead to encorage more flowers.


Baby Doll

A mixure of pink and white flowers

Chianti Double

A deep purple flower with white edges.