Sow outdoors Flowers
Height: 30-60cm (non vine). Spacing: 30-50cm.
Position: Full Sun.

Type : Flower

An easy to grow plant, don't pamper them, they do well in dry, poor soil. Grows well in containers.

The young leaves and flowers can be eaten, and have a peppery taste.

Some varieties are bushy, whereas others are vining, which can grow two meters or more.

Sow Direct

As Nasturtiums don't like having their roots disturbed, they are sown directly into their final destination.

Sow 0.5cm deep, spaced 30-50cm apart.

Germinates in 2 weeks.


Jewel Mix

Height: to 30-40cm. Colour: crimson-red, scarlet-orange, gold and sulpher yellow.