Sweet Pea

Sow Indoors Plant Out Flowers
Height: 30-100cm. Position: Full Sun. Spacing: 15-25cm.

Type : Flower

Sow Indoors

Seeds can be soaked overnight to aid germination.

Plant in pots, covering with 2cm compost. Do not use seed trays, because peas have a long tap root, which will soon reach the bottom of a seed tray.

Keep compost moist during germination.

Pinch out the main growing shoot to encourage strong side shoots.

Add vertical supports for the seedlings when 5cm high.

Harden Off and plant out when all danger of frost has passed.

Sow Outdoors

It is also possible to sow directly into the ground from March onwards, when the weather warms up, but for best results, start the seedlings off under glass.


Add netting or other supports for the plants to grow up. I like to use conical structures made from old tree branches.

Deadhead spent flowers.


Knee Hi Mixture