1st Year
Sow indoors Plant Out
Height: 30cm. Position: Full Sun. Spacing: 45-60cm.

Thyme is a Hardy Perennial Herb, growing up to 30cm tall.

Indoor Sowing

Sow March to April. Sow thinly in pots or trays of moist compost and cover lightly with compost. Germination takes about 7 days.

Growing On

Thin seedlings if necessary. Harden Off in late May for a week, before planting them in their final position.


Harvest sparingly during the first year. Leaves can be cut throughout the year, but taste best in June and July.


Water only during very dry spells. Do not overfeed, as this will cause the plant to become Leggy.

After a few years, the plant will become woody, and produce less leaves - Propagate by Division.