Cavern Quest

game/Cavern Quest.jpg{teaser.png}

A copy of the TRS-80 classic "Cavern Quest" by Barry Diller (1982). I've kept the old-fashioned low-res black and white graphics. Should I design some colourful graphics, and switch between them with a press of a button?

I was going to embed it as an Easter Egg in one of my other games, Pyrox, but Pyrox is getting large enough without extra bloat.

If you want to play Cavern Quest, it is included as a demo game within my game engine Itchy.

Cavern Quest was one of those games I dearly remember as a child. I think I finished it, but never mastered it. To mimic the "nasties" behaviour, and to copy the scene, I had to play the original in an emulator (as my TRS-80 stopped working many years ago). The emulation was just as I remembered, including the unresponsiveness of the keyboard. I genuinely don't know how to emulate such unresponsiveness, and my version is much easier to play as a result!

Unlike the original, the characters glide gracefully, rather than jump from one grid position to another. I may add other modern touches too. Maybe a shocking splash of colour when you finish the level?