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Here's a few games that you can play on-line right now...

Sliding Block Puzzles

I found a collection of tricky sliding block puzzles.

By taking photos of them, and writing a little code, we can now Play online.

Beware, they are harder than they look (but you can cheat if you are so inclined).

Games Cupboard

Play card games and board games with friends and family across the internet.

It is NOT designed for playing against random trolls people on the internet.

Unlike most computer based board games, there are no rules, everyone can move pieces as they wish. So you can cheat and have arguments just as you would with phsyical board games ;-)

For example, when playing chess you can move any piece anywhere you like. You can move your opponents pieces too. It mimics real life! A physical chess board doesn't stop you cheating, nor does my virtual chess board!

So all the games are based on trust. If you want to cheat, it is easy to do so. If you are a programmer it is easy to see other players' cards/tiles, but there are easier ways to cheat too, such as dealing yourself extra cards/tiles.

Locked Down Games

Play card games and board games with friends and family across the internet.

This has been superseded by Games Cupboard, but this old version is still available while I iron out the kinks in Games Cupboard.

Crossword Solver

Trying to solve a crossword, but stuck on a clue? Doe you know some of the letters? Then cheat!

Behind the scenes this uses the unix grep command against a simple dictionary of words with one word per line. It is part of my website, and the code can be found on gitlab.

Lie Die

A strange blend of Yahtzee and Poker. For any number of player from 2 upwards (but three to 6 is best).

Each player in turn throws dice, which must be better than the previous throw. The current player tells the next player what they threw, or lies.

The aim of the game is to spot the dirty stinking liars.

You can play on-line.