Sow outdoors Harvest
Height:30-60cm Position: Full Sun / Part Shade.
Spacing: 10cm. Row Spacing: 30cm

A Vegetable, a spicy alternative to Lettuce or Spinach.

The large leaves will tend to have a stronger peppery taste, so smaller leaves are preferred, especially when used in salads.


Sow directly into the ground covered with a thin sprinkling of soil. The plants can get quite large (30-50cm wide), but can be sown close together, and the thinnings eaten.

Can also be grown in pots.


Water frequently, as they will bolt if they get too dry.


Baby leaves are the most tasty and are ideal to add to salads. The larger leaves are more peppery, and can be using in cooking.

Use the Cut and Come Again method.

You can also try cutting some plants to about 3-4cm above the ground, and it will regrow - fingers crossed!