Type: Vegetable

There are two types of squash, a summer varieties and a winter varieties. These refer to when the fruit become ripe.

The summer varieties should be treated in much the same way as Courgettes, i.e. harvested often during summer. Frequent harvesting will encourage new fruits to develop.

The winter varieties should be treated similar to Pumpkins. i.e. harvest all fruits mid to late Autumn. Winter squashes can usually be stored for long periods.



garden/Squash (Delicata).png{thumbnail.png}

A trailing winter squash. Produces 20-25cm long fruit with vivid orange flesh. Spreads 100-120cm. About 100 days from sowing to harvest, with good resistance to powdery mildew. Stores well.


garden/Squash (Crookneck).png{thumbnail.png}

One of the most delectable Summer Squashes, this creamy crookneck is mild, sweet, and full of flavour. Delicious tender fruits are easy to grow and quite prolific. Plants will bear butter yellow fruit continuously, when regularly harvested at 5 to 6 inches long. Can be used steamed, raw, boiled, baked or tried in great variety of recipes. Approximately 45 days to maturity. Bush habit just 2 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide.

Celebration F1

garden/Squash (Celebration).png{thumbnail.png}

An excellent trailing variety (can be grown up supports) produces small, extremely sweet, nutty-flavoured fruits, grapefruit size, with marbled skins and pale orange flesh. Stores well.Harvest late summer.

Harlequin F1

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A bush, winter squash. Produces 700g acorn shaped, striped fruits in abundance. Excellent flavour and sweet flesh. It has good powdery mildew tolerance. 90 days from planting out.