2012 Purchases

I've got loads of seeds left over from last year's purchases, plus both Dad and Fiona gave me some seeds. Fiona's seeds were a mixture of "Exotic Vegetables" from Jungle Seeds. I'm looking forward to growing those - they aren't exactly exotic, but they aren't run-of-the-mill either.

Picked up a couple of bare rooted plants from the pound shop.

From Premier Seeds Direct, I bought the following :

  • Squash ( Crookneck, Celebration, Harlequin )
  • Coleus ( Wizard )

Bought lots of bulbs from Wilkinson. I intend to fill three containers as follows :

  • Crocus (Miss Vain) - White/V Pale Yellow, Tulips (Fosteriana White Emperor)
  • Crocus (Advance) - White and Yellow, Tulips (Abba) Red, (Darwin) Red
  • Crocus (Vanguard) - White and Purple, Tulips (Apricot Beauty) Pink