2013 Diary


Didn't get many Pansy seedlings.

Sowed too many bush squashes given that I ended up wanting to grow them upwards (and I promised Fiona trailing varieties too).

Ended up with just two courgette plants, and one of those is an Eight Ball, which isn't my favourite.

I'd like a trailing pumpkin, with smaller fruits.



Everything is doing wonderfully well. The wonderful summer continues, we've had 3-4 weeks of lovely sunny weather, the only rain was a thunder storm in the middle of the night. What a god send... a break from the watering and a full water butt!

The Strawberryies are all but over, but I was beginning to tire of them. I had a good crop this year - not as good as Mum's, which all looked perfect! The Asters have only just made an appearance, and the Aubergine from Mum has two larger than golf ball sized fruit, and many more smaller ones. The Cherries are now fully ripe, a couple of weeks behind Mum's. Raspberry sorbet is king! The Loganberries didn't do very well, hardly any good fruit at all, the leaves are speckled. Snacking on cucumbers as the SpaceMaster 80 in the coal bunker is doing very well. I don't think they are as tasty as Mum's Marketmore, but I haven't done a side-by-side comparison. Mesembryanthemum are a joy, but each flower is short lived, so there is a lot of dead heading to do.


I finally got around to planting out a new batch of salad leaves and rocket



The Defender Courgette fruited early (several days ago), and now there are three in total (sometimes only male fruits develop at first). The Harlequin Squash has also fruited.

Both types of Mustard mave germinated.

The third Strawberry in the Cold Frame was lovely, and is only slightly earlier than the ones growing against the house, which are nearly ripe. No others are red yet.


Moved the Pumpkin Cinderella and one of the Squash plants, near the shed decking and covered them with the large Cold Frame.


Planted out some more annuals, after chopping back, and digging up some shrubs. Removed some more patches of slate.

Sowed two lots of Mustard, one from seeds in my collection, and another from mustard seeds in the kitchenc cupboard.


Round at Steve's to help him plant out his annuals.


Planted out some of the annuals. Replanted some self seeded Red Orache.



Put the Mushroom mycelium into two logs, and some left-overs into the tree stump (following these instructions). The logs are carved with an a "O" for the Oyster mushrooms, and a "S" for the Shiitake mushrooms.

Planted two Courgettes into tubs.


Gave Fiona squashes and some flower seedlings, which she planted straight away.


Planted out the Swiss Chard and Beetroot.

In the Coal Bunker, planted out 4 Tomato plants, 3 Cucumbers, 2 Chilli Peppers 2 Sweet Peppers and an Aubergine.


Planted out Sweetcorn, Squash, Courgette and 4 Tomato plants under the cover of a cold frame.



Steve cut down the large tree near the shed, which gives me space to grow my squash and pumpkins.


Sowed some more Squash and Pumpkins, because I now realise I want some trailing varieties to grow vertically up strings.


Pricked out the last of the seedlings.

Potted up the remaining (low quality) strawberry plants into plain 15cm?? pots.

Found mosaic virus on Mum's courgettes and geraniums.

Planted more lettuce into the raised beds (3 more squares).


Pricked out Antirrhinum, Petunia, Carnation.

Moved the large Geranium plants outside (which Mum gave me last year).

Repotted the naff Strawberry planter, using fabric to help keep in the soil and water. Also filled in gaps in the plastic tiered strawberry planter.

Moved my wooden staging area over to make room for the glass shelves as I need more room now that I've started pricking out.


First set of new Tulips are finally in bloom (in the front garden).

Finished the first raised bed, and sowed the following :

Radish, Carrot, Parsnip, Spring Onion, Rocket, Swiss Chard, Red Orach, Lettuce, Leaf Mix, Coriander, Beetroot

Pricked out Dianthus (Chianti Double),


Put Tulips into the front garden Box Planter, as they are about to flower.

Pricked out Dahlia (dwarf and tall), Mesembryanthemum, Dianthus (Baby Doll)


Potted the Tomatoes, the Mustard and Rocket (the latter two were quite leggy).

Replanted the Rhubarb into a raise bed, and added Dad's Tayberry against the wall. behind the rhubarb.

Put the Beetroot and Swiss Chard seedlings into the mini greenhouse.


Cucumbers that have base heating have germinated.


Built a new set of shelves for my seedlings, using bargain bucket decking from B&Q.

Sowed Nasturtium in the old wooden box.

Sowed Calendula outdoors in metal bucket that Mum gave to me.


It feels like a spring day finally! Tuplips are nearly in bloom too.

Sowed various Courgette, Squash, Pumpkin and Cucumber.

Sowed Basil and more Coriander.

Sowed Dwarf Peas outside in pots, and Sweet Peas? in the wicker basket.

Begonias show the first sign of germination.


Removed the Beetroot (which have started to germinate), and added the Swiss Chard to the propagator.

Removed the Mustard, Rocket and a Leaf Mix that was sown 5 days ago, the leaf mix hasn't germinated.

Some of the Lettuce has germinated, but is still in the propagator.


In the coal bunker, sowed Radish, Spinach, Coriander, Leaf Mix



Soaked the Peas (Petis Pois)

Removed the Dahlias from the propagator.

Removed the last Aubergine from the propagator, despite it not germinating, to make room.

Sowed Swiss Chard in modules. Sowed Beetroot in modules, Lettuce, Mustard, Rocket and a Leaf Mix (all in propagators).

The first couple of Pansy have germinated.

Now using the big tray to hold my seedlings - there isn't any more room!


Tidied the back room, placing the shelving next to the patio doors.

Peas on the window sill have sprouted.

Sowed Begonia (Havana and Monza) into a propagator.

Removed the Nemesia and Pansy half tray from the propagator, the Pansies haven't germinated yet though.


More of the Tomatoes have germinated, despite being out of the propagator, and the waether being very cold, with no heating in the back room.

The Dianthus are doing well, now out of the propagator

The Dahlia moved into the available space in the propagator.


Remove the germinated Dianthus, Carnation and Antirrhinum from the propagator.

Placed the Pansy, Nemesia, Calendula, Delphinium, Petunia into the propagator.



Removed Tomatoes from the propagator, as most had germinated, and would get leggy. The ones nearest the middle of the tray (Tiny Tim, Tesco Cherry) all germinated. 3 out of 4 Reisentraube, and one of many Tumbler are also out . The ones at the ends (Gardeners Delight, Totem) show no signs.


In seed trays, sowed Aster (Dward Queen), (Steve's?), Cosmos (Picotee), Mesembryanthemum ( Mixed), Dahlia (dwarf and tall), Petunia (Multiflora), Delphinium (Pacific Giant - old seeds may not germinate).


In seed trays, sowed Pansy (Swiss Giant), Nemesia (Carnival Mix), Calendula (Orange King)


In a propagator, sowed Dianthus (Baby Doll and Chianti Double), Antirrhinum (Maximum Mixed), Carnation (Chabaud Mixed).

By the kitchen window, sowed Peas (Leo) for their leaves, Corriander.


In a propagator, sowed Tomato seeds. Four of varieties : Reisentraube, Tiny Tin, Totem, Gardeners Delight. 6 of Tesco Cherry (nearest the label are washed, further away are stewed!). 10ish of Tumbler.


Indoors, sowed Jalopeno Chilli Pepper, Callafornia Sweet Pepper and Black Beauty Aubergine


In the coal bunker, sowed 2 squares of radishes, mixed salad leaves, Lettuce, Spring Onion, Rocket, Mustard, Spinach.



The first of the Hyacinths finished flowering (Mum's started and finished earlier than mine).